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4Emperors is a store for special and wonderful handmade items with original design and fanart.


We specialize in creating devil fruit and other unique games and anime items. Our main area of expertise is making lamps and lights, also in combination with furniture, so you can effectively combine and use 2 beautiful things into one very nice.


Many of the items you will find in our shop come from our own design. With the help of 3D printing, we create the prototypes according to our design template and then make molds for epoxy resin from which our figures and statues are made.

The production takes place in our own small factory in Leipzig - Germany. Here we also make the matching small and large bases, as well as the furniture for it, paint and varnish it and then pack it to send it directly to you.


We always try to design something new and fascinating and to expand our collection. So it is worth to visit us often. From time to time you can also meet us at scene markets and conventions.




You want to know something more about us?


Let us give you a short story about our passion for creating wonderful articles.


We have been gamer enthusiasts since the Golden Era of video games in the late 80s to mid 90s. Back when Nintendo and Sega outdid each other in releasing one fantastic game and wonderful series after another. The appearance of video games in Germany was also one of the first contacts with Japanese anime and manga culture.

Because it was only in the late 90s that this hype gradually began to emerge here. Both had a strong influence on us and it wouldn't be the first time that we tried to create something of our own. Be it mangas, video games, pictures or even furniture in this style.

For 18 years we have been loyal readers and enthusiastic fans of One Piece, which, along with Star Wars and Tolkien, is one of our absolute favorites.

2 years ago we had the idea to try to produce the well-known Gomu Gomu fruit as a transparent lamp. We had already tried our hand at Kirby, Mario and Mega Man figures before that. And indeed, after a long time of trying back and forth, we had our first big lamp ready. However, it was not enough for us and the desire to make a whole collection of devil fruits grew. So we started to create our own designs and make them as smaller lamps. And today, with about 50 fruits and many more designs, we have created the largest collection of devil fruits.

In addition, more and more lamps from different areas of game and manga, but also fantasy culture, as well as a steadily growing number of furniture of the same kind join our shop.

Super mario Mushroom Light
Workshop Tools
Devil Fruit Lamps Fail
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