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1.1 What size are the devil fruits?

The small Devil Fruits are mainly about 7cm / 2,75" in diameter. The big ones are around 11cm / 4,4". Some are a bit smaller, some are a bit bigger, depending on the actual fruit shape.


1.2 Are the fruits completely round?

Some of them, mainly the transparent ones are a bit flat sanded at the bottom, so they wont roll away.

1.3 What material are the fruits made of and how are they made?

The solid fruits are printed with the latest 3D technology, which enables the best possible quality, equal to resin cast (aka the conventional way of making something fully out of plastic) For printing we use liquid resin which is hardened with UV radiation. In contrast to the outdated PLA printing, which prints with plastic and delivers only mediocre results with visible "print layers or grooves", we get very clean and detailed results which only very rarely and very finely show the print layers.

The fruits are then painted by us.

The transparent fruits are cast by us from liquid and colored resin and hardened under pressure. Since there is a filling hole here, it must be ground later, so the bottom of the transparent fruits is always ground a little smooth.

Also, the fruits always have a pouring edge in the middle. This is created by the fact that the mold of the fruit consists of 2 parts. It is something completely natural and no harm to the product.

1.4 There are fine lines or a crack in the fruit!

This is not a mistake or damage. The very fine and very small lines which can sometimes be seen on the solid fruit are from 3D printing and the crack in the transparent fruit is the casting edge that occurs in all plastic products when they are cast from 2 molds. It is impossible to make a complex and complete round shape like the devil fruit from only one piece. Imagine pouring liquid chocolate into a round bottle to make a chocolate ball. Of course, when the chocolate is hard, you can't take it out through the small opening of the bottle. Therefore, the bottle must be split at its widest point to be able to open it and take the ball out. This is where the small pouring rim occurs. Sometimes we can still grind it away a little bit, but especially with fruits with a very complex surface (for example Mera, Goro, Suna) this is difficult to do.


1.5 Are they loose or are they glued to the light base?

Since 2023, all our fruits are no longer glued.

1.6 Is it possible to get a custom fruit?

We can make whatever fruit you wish for, however it will be much more expensive, since we have to make a design first, make a 3D file and then print it and if you want it to be transparent we have to make a mold before we can finally cast it. Since we try to make every fruit of the series, there may be a possibility that your fruit will be one of our next fruits, or if we think its the right time to make that one, we can take it into our collection and offer it to you for the normal price. It will then just need a bit longer to make it, since we have to start right from the beginning. Please note that we will of course make the more famous ones first, so if you wish to have an uncommon one, like lets say the Berrie Berrie Fruit, than it will be hard to take that one into our collection.


1.7 Is it possible to get a custom lamp?

It sometimes is possible. Just leave us a message and we will see what we can do.





2.1 What Shipping Company do you use?

We send with DHL. The tracking number from DHL works with most other companys, like USPS.

If you want it to be shipped very fast, we can send it with UPS. Usually this takes around 1-3 days within europe and 2-5 worldwide, depending on the service. Its a bit more expensive, but the shipping time is almost always met.


2.2 Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do. However, there are a few exceptions. Certain small islands or hard-to-reach areas are excluded. If you live in such an area, please write us a message.


2.3 Will I get a tracking number for my item?

Of course. Once its send, you will receive the tracking number.


2.4 Can you inform me about the shipping in my country?

We are very sorry, but providing info for any shipping company in any country is simply too much.

However you should be able to use the tracking number from DHL for your local shipping company to track your item. This will sometimes only work after it has arrived in your country. Before it will only be trackable with DHL.

We also can't tell you what time your package will arrive, if it will go to a neighbor, if you have to sign for it, or who got it if it was just delivered and you don't know to whom. These are all things that only you can clarify within your delivery company, unfortunately we have no insight and information here.


2.5 How long does shipping usualy take?

Normally shipping takes 1-3 days within Germany. Within Europe approx.5-10. To USA approx. 7-14 days. Rest of the world it takes 10-20 days.

However, these times do not always apply. At some times, such as Christmas, there may be a very long shipping time (Worldwide shipments about 1-2 months). In this case, we suggest you that we prefer to send to you with UPS. This costs a little more, but the package is then often within a week arrived at you.


Also, there may be different delivery times within different countries which are outside the normal delivery times. Unfortunately, we can not influence this.

Please note the shipping conditions in your country. Even if the shipping to your country is short, the local post office may take much longer with the delivery, because they may work slowly. Please also pay attention to other information in your country, such as exceptions and delays in the case of Covid.


2.6 Do I have to pay taxes and/or fees for the customs in my country?

Please inform yourself about the applicable rules for importing goods from abroad into your country. We do not pay and do not deduct your country's tax upfront, like larger sales platforms do, for example.




3.1 Are the fruits packed well / will they get damaged when shipping?

Our packages are filled with much cushioning material, cause we know that shipping companys like DHL say that a package must be protected well enough to survive a fall from a height of 1 meter.


3.2 The parcel service has used my package as a seat aid and now it is damaged!

We have sent many parcels to many countries and fortunately it has almost never happened that something was damaged.

The package and obviously the product is still damaged when it arrives? If you already see in the hands of the letter carrier that it is damaged, then open the package in his presence and make a damage report. The parcel service is obliged to do this and only in this way we can claim the insurance and replace it. If the parcel carrier is gone and you notice the damage afterwards, it will be very difficult to replace it. We can help you with individual smaller parts without insurance, but for larger parts we must then talk about a payment.


3.3 I don't like the product in real at all and would like to return it.

We always try to do our best in the production and also to make the pictures as detailed as possible. Of course, it can also happen that the product you get does not correspond to what you imagined. You can of course return the product within 30 days and we can make a refund. Please note that according to online legislation, the buyer must pay for the cost of return shipping, unless the product has significant deviations from the product image or is proven to be defectively manufactured.


3.4 Can I change the light source of the lamps?

Yes thats possible. Just remove the 4 screws at the bottom and open the base. You can easily change the LED sticks now. Please note that there is no replacement LED stick in the delivery.





4.1 Can I eat the Devil Fruits?

Please dont do. They are not made for eating and neither will they grant you superpowers.


4.2 Why does some of your Devil Fruits look different from the ones I find in the net?

Some of the fruits you will find among some fan sites do not have a canon design. They are more or less fan made or china made and the design is then mistaken for beeing canon. Best example is Whitebeards bright blue Gura Gura no Mi. We are very much experts when it comes to Devil Fruit designs and always keep an eye on new canon designs, so we can tell for sure which one is fake and then have made our own ones.


4.3 I ordered a fruit some time ago but now looks different in your store?

It can happen from time to time that we update a design. Of course, we are also artists and therefore we are always very critical with our own designs. When we make them, it can happen that we later have an idea that we like even more and seems more appropriate. Also, we always have to look at the original style of the series, otherwise it can quickly happen that the design no longer looks professional. When Oda started designing the fruits, they mostly just looked like normal fruits with a few curl patterns. It was hard to guess what power the fruit represented. In the meantime, however, he has created designs that are much more representative of the power. This of course gives us more room for our own more complex and individual designs.



4.4 What other devil fruits will there be?

Of course, our big dream is to design and produce all fruits one day. However, that would be far too expensive and uneconomical all at once. There are many fruits of well-known figures which the fans love and would like to see. But there are at least half of the currently 130 fruits that are rather unknown and therefore not very popular. These fruits we make then of course rather later.

Also we are not so much interested in making Non Canon fruits (except maybe Shiki's and Uta's fruit), because they are even more unknown.

So you can expect us to do all the fruits of the more popular and important characters first, then move on to the fruits of the slightly less important ones (like some of the Yonkou Commanders or Supernovas), then do fruits of the background characters (lower Yonkou Crews Charas or Pirate Crews), and finally fruits of unimportant characters (lower Marines or Side Charas).

Of course, there can always be exceptions where a lesser-known fruit appears in a set because it belongs in that set.

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